Version 1.3

Save system resources by letting your un-used tabs sleep when not in use!
SleepyTabs suspends tabs after a set time of non-use, or you can force tabs to sleep whenever you want!

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Since the popular Chrome extension "The Great Suspender" has been removed due to violating data privacy rules, I had to look for another tool to keep my unused tabs suspended. I tried a few of the other popular extensions, but they were either too complex or too slow or didn't suspend the tabs in a way that really saved all that much system resources. So I went ahead and made my own to emulate the features I'd come to know and love from "The Great Suspender". This extension is lightweight and won't take much of a performance hit. You can put hundreds of tabs to sleep and see only a nominal system resource increase.



If you have any suggestions or problems, feel free to let me know and I'll have a look!

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